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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    Oh I understand... They are all gyms, but seperated by the easy, medium and hard thing... That's a nice idea, I like that... What if someone decides to go for all 5 medium gyms, does that negate a couple of the other gyms?

    EDIT: is this in any production or just an idea?

    Also, what does "King Of The Dragons" have anything to do with this?
    In response to the King of the Dragons, it pertain to Charos's nickname given to him by by the residents of the region, Hyperia. As he is the main Antagonist, that's why the subtitle exists. I may end up taking it off, as it is not on the actual Splash intro Screen, but I am not sure yet.

    I have started production on this, I have the Starter Town, the ability to get starters, a Route, and one of the many forests done. I will soon begin work on the Region map and the gym's them selves.

    The only thing I am concerned about being possible or not possible, is having the Archetype's for the gyms the way I like it.

    As to getting all 5 badges in the "Medium" range, applying to the total value. If I can code it properly, big if there, it will be as such.

    The player MAY gain all 18 badges. So, they MAY gain all 4 badges from say the "Very Easy" bracket, but in order to progress forward to the "Medium" Gyms, they MUST gain access to either Scripted events, HM's, or the Out-of-battle usage of said HMs by attaining the required badges.

    So, theoretically, a player could gain access to the Master Gym, have 17 Badges, but still be unable to take part in Kidan's Battle Royal because they do not have the last Tier of Badges gained.

    Post Script-I hope this answered any questions, if not. let me know and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.
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