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While Taunt is a good option for preventing set-ups, Ambipom could use a more powerful STAB with Return or Double Hit instead because Ambipom isn't really doing much other than scouting.

On Gallade, Leaf Blade is redundant in terms of coverage; it already handles the Rock types that Drain Punch can cover. Replace it with Ice Punch or Stone Edge for Flying Pokemon. Change its nature to Adamant and the EV spread to 252 HP/68 Atk/188 Spe.

Since Roserade is using an offensive set, replace Stun Spore with Sleep Powder (or Grasswhistle if you breed), because sleep can be crippling at the right moment. In the last slot, use Rest/Synthesis for recovery, or Hidden Power (Fire) for coverage on Steels.

On Rhyperior, don't invest in its Defense without first investing in HP. Change the EV spread to 208 HP/252 Atk/48 SDef to make its bulk a bit more balanced. Hammer Arm is also redundant with Earthquake; Rock/Ground/Bug have incredibly good coverage together, so you can use Substitute (to ease prediction and protect against status) or Stealth Rock (so that Rhyperior can support the team too).

Why the 248 Speed EVs on Chandelure? Max out its Speed and put the last 4 EVs into Special Defense so that Download Porygon2 doesn't get a Special Attack boost.