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I won't deny that! |D Small kids with huge objects are adorable. It was kind of cute how he just hunched below the Hylian Shield, letting nothing in the big, scary overworld get to him.

TP just needed a bigger wallet. BT If you put Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker on the same height on the split Time Line, you could start rambling on how all the chests WindLink finds on the bottom of the ocean are the same kazillion chests TwiLink finds in Hyrule Field. Then it's quite logical to urge TwiLink to get a bigger wallet, seeing how Wind ends up having one of 5000. It's kind of odd that TwiLink gets his 1000Rupee upgrade only after having collected all Golden Bugs. By then, he's ran all over Hyrule field, probably finding a loooot of chests whose contents did not fit in his wallet.
I just thought that putting it back was better than wasting 199 rupees. |D;

Oh, that's a pretty neat idea, quite amusing as well. |D
I always assumed that it was Navi. Other possibilities would be Malon, Zelda or Saria... but seeing as he already met Zelda at the end of OoT and Malon gave him Epona... it's either Saria or Navi. I always thought he and Saria somehow already said their goodbyes in the Forest Temple.... but childtimeline!Saria wouldn't know that (unless you consider her Sage powers crossing time and space).

Oh, yes, you should deffinitally fix that!

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