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    A wolf in sheep’s clothing

    Nuvema Town
    One week ago

    Hilbert woke from a deep slumber, to find the sun shining on his face. It was his first proper night in a comfortable bed for nearly a year. Those were some of the drawbacks of going on a quest for becoming the champion. Speaking of champions, he wondered briefly whether he was actually the champion. The last championship battle wasn’t exactly normal. He could hear voices from downstairs, one was his mom, the other sound he didn’t recognize, so he decided to go down and find out.
    “Hi honey!” said a woman looking very much like his mom but in such a bad imitation of his mom’s voice that Hilbert was sure that this was not his mom. “You’re not my mom!” said Hilbert. “’Course I’m not” replied the woman in a man’s voice. His real mom said, “Honey, meet Mr. Looker!” Mr. Looker spun around and in a flourish; discarding a ditto wrapped around his body. The only thing Hilbert could say was “You’re a guy?!!”
    Mr. Looker spoke, “I am detective Looker from the International Police. I came here to investigate the Team Plasma case.”
    Hilbert said, “Oh. But they just got disbanded. The Gym Leaders captured them and took them into custody!”
    “That’s what we thought, until we learnt that Ghetsis escaped, The Shadow Triad broke him out” said Looker, “All we know is that he fled off into a distant land.” Hilbert groaned. Even though he was a crazy criminal mastermind, Ghetsis really knew how to convince a crowd. He nearly did so in Unova and would have succeeded if not for Hilbert. “Don’t worry” said Looker, “We are already trying to find his location and will find him in a couple of weeks.” Hilbert wasn’t convinced. You could never tell with Ghetsis. He had managed to build a huge castle literally under the noses of the Elite Four.
    “Don’t let that bother you honey” said his mother, “You have an appointment with Professor Juniper remember?” Hilbert’s face lit up at once, he was excited about the evaluation test by the professor. “Alright Ma’am, I’ll be off” said Looker, “Thanks again for the tea.” He strode out of the front door.
    “Weird guy” said Hilbert, “He left his fishing rod.”
    “No, honey he gave that as a gift for you.”
    “Huh?” said Hilbert, “Why do I need a fishing rod?”
    “Professor Juniper will explain honey” said his mom.
    In ten minutes, Hilbert was ready for his day out, complete with a change of clothes, his Pokeballs, his Backpack and Pokedex. He met Cheren on the way, who was on his way to the Professor’s lab too. Hilbert sprinted ahead to catch up with him.
    “So, Cheren” said Hilbert conversationally, “How many Pokemon have you captured?”
    “You’ve caught 136 Pokemon?!!!”
    “Yeah, you think I’ll pass?” asked Cheren, innocently adjusting his spectacles.
    “Wh…… huh…?!!” Hilbert spluttered out.
    “I’m messing with ya!” said Cheren, “I’ve only caught 76.”
    “Whoa! That’s a relief” said Hilbert, “I’ve caught 58.”
    “Not bad” said Cheren, “Wonder how many Bianca has gotten?”
    They reached the Professor’s lab, Cheren seated himself in a bench outside the lab.
    “Now…” he said, matter of fact-edly, “Let’s wait for Bianca…”
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