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Hailey and Arcea - Arriving at Children's City
...Two young pokespirit wielders trudged their way along at a snail's pace, watching the horizon in hopes that their destination wasn't that far away. You see, they were not traveling slowly by choice. Both of them were very hurt. The one tailing the other stumbled a bit as she walked, havnig clear and very significant difficulty walking. She was Arcea, the older of the two. As she walked along a horrible pain graced her every other step, along with the disconcerting sensation from within her. One of her legs was broken. The other girl, a humbly younger female, hid most of her wounds under her heavy attire, that of which came with her pokespirit. She had half a dozen unseen bruises however, and her attire was torn and scorched in several places. Her name was Hailey. Hailey was having a significantly easier time walking, however her complexion was very pale and her spirit weak and brittle. The wielder of a ghastly spirit had made a point to attempt to consume her soul, and while she had avoided said fate he had given her quite the grave spiritual wound. It needed time to heal.

Arcea, the wielder of an Eelektross pokespirit, spoke up. Her tone was that of feigned cheer, pain clearly detectable beneath her forced smile.

Arcea: "H-heh... You'd think a girl... would be a li-little less inclined to... sic her...lackeys--Ah!"

Before Arcea could finish the pain she felt as she walked managed to overpowered her focus, causing her to fail to maintain her balance and fall over. This did nothing to quell the intense pain and she fell silent, gritting her teeth tensely. Hailey continued on for a brief moment before stopping and turning around to face the other spirit wielder. A look of irritation crossed her face. Alone, Arcea would be doomed in her current state. Hailey had no doubt she would be taken advantage of by one of those /vultures/ if something wasn't done. She of course was referring to traveling spirit wielders, who tended to not be the friendliest to outsiders.

Hailey: "..."

A moment of silence followed, but it was finally broken when Arcea spoke up again.

Arcea: "Hailey... something's really wrong with my leg. I... don't think I can go on."

At this, Hailey grew more irritated. Saving lives was not something she did. That was the exact opposite of her mission. A part of her felt like literally mercy killing the older spirit wielder right then and there. The world needed to be purged, her included. However... After a moment, whatever remained of Hailey's conscience kicked in. She didn't /want/ to kill Arcea... Arcea was her closest friend in many ways. She also supported her, even though she knew fully well what Hailey's intentions were. ...She was also a valuable asset to Hailey's plans. The strength of two greatly outmatched the strength of one. Hailey grimaced, decidedly unamused with her moment of emotional weakness. She would attempt to save Arcea, but if her old friend expected any sympathy; well... she was mistaken. This world nor it's inhabitants deserved sympathy.

Hailey attempted to summon her psychic strength. Though she found this very difficult, she managed to summon enough strength to lift Arcea into the air telekinetically. After a moment she resumed walking, Arcea floating close by with her.

Hailey: "...No."

Hailey's eyes narrowed at a non-existant foe.

Hailey: "...I'm afraid that's not how it works. There is no comradery to be found here from strangers based on mutual experiences..."

Hailey had to stop and take a deep breath. Thinking clearly was hard.

Hailey: "They just see us as competition--like everyone else..."

Hailey proceeded to utter an obscenity directed at...well...humanity in general that would've made a parent flinch back in the good ol' days. It only got a weak chuckle out of Arcea, however.

Arcea: "Heh... so what about us..?"

Hailey glared into the distance, not even dignifying Arcea's question with acknowledgement. A part of her knew the other was right, but that part of her was utterly unwilling to consider the implications of that truth, as they suggested she should be less passionate about her goals.

...Time passed, and the two finally reached Children's City. At this point Hailey was utterly exhausted, and only the supernatural power of her pokespirit kept her going. Her body itself had utterly given up on her; every step slow and heavy, as if she were dragging an incredible weight. She would die if she suppressed her powers, and she knew it at this point. However, she luckily felt no need to do that. She needed sustenance, and a place to rest. Actual medical treatment would be a miracle, considering she wasn't exactly surrounded by doctors. She was certainly in a rather sticky position. It was only as she walked along that she realized her eyes had half drifted shut without her realizing it. Alarmed, she forced them back open. Sleep would do her well, but finding food first /could/ prove to greatly accelerate the healing process.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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