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    Hiya, I has a need for a Beta Reader

    Title of Story: Pokemon: The Rest Of All
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: What If? We've all asked ourselves this question, a simple mistake, for small it is, can lead humanity to its own doom. What if Team Galactic was never stopped? What if the Red Chain also controled Giratina? What if the world as we knew it has been reformed by Cyrus? What if there isn't any was to restore it?

    The Fic follows the adventures of Drew, a young boy that mysteriously woke up in Pallet Beach with no memory at all. Across his journey he will try to collect the badges from the remaining gyms of the Pokemon world... but little does he know of what Arceus has planned for him.
    Genre: Action with a bit of Mystery and a small bit of Comedy every now and then. A OT Fic, but with actual characters from the Pokemon World every now and then.
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG-15 for bits of strong language and mild suggestive themes
    Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive
    Writing sample of story:
    This is sort of a spoiler since it will be uploaded soon, anyways:

    His eyes opened. He sat over the fine sands of the beach. Who was he? Where was he? For some reason, he couldn’t remind a single thing about himself. He was wearing a white shirt and black cargo pants. His face, scratched, as if something had attacked. Something… or someone. The sound of the waves, it was relaxing, how could you focus with that soothing sound next to you?

    The sun was setting behind the horizon; the sunlight barely rubbed the waves of the ocean and the sand around him. It’s a nice day to be a victim of amnesia, that’s for sure.

    He stood up, trying to make his mind up. –Who am I?-, this question echoed inside of his head as he tried to walk around the beach. He hadn’t said a thing since he woke up, so it was natural he wondered how would his voice sound, maybe a deep voice, or, a super acute voice, perhaps?

    Other: English is not my first lenguage, in fact, it's Spanish, so I have grammar errors every now and then. I've been writing this in my laptop for over a year... but I'm now forced to restart since my hard drive broke and I lost every single bit of information in my computer.

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