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Originally Posted by cmbeke View Post
I recolored my trapinch backsprite and added them both onto the same image (set up with spaces for the shiny pallets). You want me to format them all like this or have the front and back in different images?

vibrava's backsprite should be done soon done and recolored

flygon's back will be added next
No, don't format it like that. I would prefer if you post the front and backsprites separately. This is because, as I mentioned earlier, even if I say the sprite looks good, 100% of the time I will edit, because I am a stubborn perfectionist. If you post them separately, it's just easier for me to edit.

You don't need to separate what you've already posted, but for future reference, please post the front and backsprites separately - it's easier for me to edit that way.

(oh and your sprites look great I'm really glad to have a decent spriter finally help, I've added you to the credits even though I haven't actually added your sprites yet - but I will)

EDIT: Added Trapinch to the first post! Will add Vibrava after school today.

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