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I knooow. I'll admit, I got into Zelda because of Young Link in SSBM. He was adorable, so I had to play the game he was from! I didn't get a hold of it for a while though and started with Wind Waker instead. But I read a lot of stuff on OoT and it's fascinated me before I even played it. Then my babysitter gave me her copy of the game so I was set. 8)

TP's wallet makes me cry lmao. Especially with all those chests. But I can't think of anything overly expensive you had to pay for in TP other than like...repairing the bridge for 1000. In Wind Waker, you needed around 3k (probably more...some obscure number iirc) to pay Tingle and get all those Triforce Charts decoded. >:/ So the huge wallet had a purpose! On another money-related note, I hate how in TP and SS, we have to STOP EVERYTHING and examine a blue rupee. Or yellow. Or anything that's not green. Why... ;;

I always assumed it wasn't Saria because she became the sage...and I thought Link would have common sense to check the forest for her if that's who he was looking for. Navi, on the other hand, is a tiny ball of light that could be anywhere. I always thought Link remembered the things he did as an adult even though at the end, he got to live his childhood, similar to how in Majora's Mask (even though this is obviously after OoT) your major items carry over and Tatl remembers things. So idk. Maybe he was looking for Mido... -_- Nahhh.

When I get the money! I might just wait around for my birthday and ask for it. I wanna import Black 2 so my money is getting devoted to that first haha.
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