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It's the same how I got into Fire Emblem: Through Marth in SSBB. :'D My first introduction The Legend of Zelda was with Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. My dad had downloaded a bunch of roms, and those looked interesting to me. Although, I had (and still have) a lot of trouble playing the 2D games on computer I quite enjoyed them (despite getting stuck in the first dungeon and ragequiting). I think I was 11 or something. Then when I was 14 I could borrow the Minish Cap from a classmate ('Because the title looked familiar) and that was the first game I completed. \o/
Thought it was Twilight Princess that got me into playing them all though. :'D Something I've yet to achieve, but I'm getting there. |D;

Yeah, you had to pay for the bridge, for the shop in Castle Town and the magic Armor. But it's not like that added to a lot of money, specially when Agitha gave you 500 rupees for every completed pair of bugs you gave her. BT

Stop everywhere? Isn't that only the first time (since turning the game on) that you examine them?

Yeah, I'm also convinced Link kept his memories of being the Hero of Time. And that he kind of lived "those few weeks/months" of his 17th year twice, once "normally" and once as a Hero.

Hoho! Seems like you could use one of those orange rupees that didn't fit in Twi's wallet.

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