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    Small little update with huge results. I updated my tool to work with showing exactly where goto commands will lead to, and this has gotten me MUCH better at finding out what things do. The debug menu and tests are a big help as well! Most/all sound related commands are now known, setting dungeon modes known, a few placing commands known, and a bit more about actions known. I might actually release an alpha later this week. Maybe on Saturday. In any case, working on this and getting breakthroughs is awesome =D
    Want my help in PokéScripting? PM me =)
    I use XSE v1.1.1 (HackMew = awesome) and Advance Map 1.92.
    Thanks to Diego and HackMew for their tutorials, helping me learn how to script!

    Hacks I support 100% (MUST SEE!):

    Very well made hacks:

    My work:
    Figuring out scripting in PMD
    Entire script map of LeafGreen
    PMDSE (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Script Editor)
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