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Peyton Mills - Birch Enclave; Kanto Enclave

Peyton was pretty much ready for anything. As the Linoone leader, Damon was continuing his presentation, she noticed a few members were showing signs of fear. What are they afraid of? The Knights? Death? Death Shmeth. Peyton rolled her eyes as her eyes closed for a second, and sighed quietly. Some of the members seemed to gain trust because of her medic skills, as she announced before.

"Alright, Declarum Forces, gather together.” Damon announced. Peyton grabbed her bag and sat up. She followed the members as they gathered towards Damon. “What happens from here on out is strictly professional. No jokes, no laughter, no goofing off. Let's go."

“Okay then.” softly replied Peyton. And she definitely agreed. It was no mankey business. Peyton wasn't aware of what's going on as the group huddled. A bright white light glared around the group. It felt like Peyton was going blind. For a few seconds, the light faded. It was a much different scenario now. She and the group are no longer at the convention center, nor at the Birch Enclave. “What is this place?” she thought to herself.

Apparently this is the Kanto Enclave. Peyton thought of that on top of her head. It was quiet. Too quiet. Peyton noticed footsteps on the ground. Who were they from? Someone, or some group was here.

As Damon announced the group to get ready, Peyton held on to her bag as tight as possible. “I'm ready to go, commander!” shouted Peyton with excitement.

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