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    (This is just a prologue, but there will be more to come, I promise)


    "May... he's beautiful."

    "Just like his father."

    He held her hand close to his heart, a smile faint upon his lips. He admired baby, lay nestled in her arms, asleep, beautiful, just like he'd always dreamed of...

    The newborn's hair was green, just like his father's. His eyes were closed now, but when they were open, they were a brilliant shade of amber. Everything about him was was perfect, exactly what his parents had always wanted, already loved. They loved him more than life itself.

    "What should we name him?"

    "Something that really captures his beauty. Something strong, something mysterious, something like..." She leaned over and whispered in his ear, and he whispered the same word back. Then they gazed upon this baby, lying wrapped in a blanket in his mother's arms, and they knew that it was perfect.

    "Natural," May whispered, her eyes closing behind her dark
    "Natural," Wally whispered in return, tears of foy and pride streaming down his face.

    "Natural," Ghestis sneered from the doorway.
    I like it you should add some more, Ghetis adds a twist to everything!!! You should really but some more up on here!!!
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