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@ blazerj13

Shadow Lugia? Yes.
Catching the fakemon? No.
The fakemon are creations from negative energy, they're not even claimed to be pokemon in the hack, therefore they shouldn't be caught. They're just evil entities that formed from all the evil energy in the world. I don't want to spoil the story TOO much as I feel it's the hack's main strongpoint. But it's the player's job to find the god of all pokemon, Arceus, and defeat Darugis before it destroys everything. Challenging gyms and doing plenty of sidequests along the way. Such as helping Sydney with her connection to KYUREM, and finding a relative of yours who's gone missing since the disasters started. Also to get a rematch with Tornadus...

I've decided I'm going to release the beta once I add the scripts/maps up til the 4th gym leader Regardless if the battle backgrounds, titlescreen, and world map isn't inserted. Some of you really want to play this hack & I shouldn't deprive anyone's excitement/enjoyment over those 3 things. So as soon as I insert all the pokemon in the game (Or at least 90% of em.), insert the scripts, and re-map, I'll release it.