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Originally Posted by arbok View Post
Remember Ash's Muk? That thing won Ash a few tricky battles including a really tough Bellsprout (also poison type) which had already KOed Ash's mighty Bulbasaur (also poison type).
Ash's Muk certainly was an exception to the Poison types being shown badly concept, but I think with Bulbasaur it's more a case of that being a starter Pokemon so it automatically does well in Ash's care x] But yeah you do have a point here haha.

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Well to say the least, all of them are being put in bad lights kinda. I mean, Poison Pokémon are always being seen as evil, and I can see a point in that, but for some reason they always end up on Team Rocket's teams, where they are just destined to lose every single battle, so they are kinda being shown as weak too.
I agree with this completely :3 They're always shown to be bad guys, eg when Trubbish is being mean in the preschool; when Amoonguss attacks Ash's friend in the woods; when Grimer/Muk take over the Psyduck pond; when Venipede swarmed over Castelia City; etc. You barely ever see none Poison (or Dark) type Pokemon doing this kinda stuff! D: It certainly doesn't help their image at least :p

Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
It is either being too evil or being too cute. The badassery of these poison types are always... absent. I mean, let's look at some badass Poison types. Nidoking. Used by Gary and it easily went down. Zubat family. Used by every freaking rocket. Roserade. Where is she anyway? On drew's team? They are all gone.
Hmm, I'm not sure I completely agree here :3 Nidoking I certainly agree with, but Brock's Zubat family and Croagunk were both pretty badass, as well as Ash's Muk and Dawn's Grimer when she was lent one. And I don't really remember much of Drew's Roserade but when Roserade featured in Floaroma town it was more than awesome after it got its confidence back :3 But yeah, other than these examples I can't think of many other badass Poison types other than ones in Pokemon Gyms haha.

Is this necessarily a bad thing though? Maybe it's a good thing to have a type to be known as something of an "evil" type? Especially when it's a type associated with poison and toxic and acid and death; maybe Poison types should work towards this image? :p