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    Originally Posted by Mick Fizz View Post
    Done, let me know if it's okay or if I need to edit something. Stupid school...

    Full Name:
    Masashi Densetsu
    Nicknames: Water Prince
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19

    Family: Sacred Fire
    Career: Prince, Water purifier.
    Appearance: Well-dressed and well-groomed, Masashi looks like in this picture, with the exception of his hair being blue:

    Personality: Masashi is a man who one would expect to be from a high class. Not only because of the way he looks, but also because of the way he speaks and his attitude towards life. After reading this, I am sure you would picture Masashi as an arrogant, overly-proud man who does not care about the lower class at all. But allow me to tell you something, he is not that way at all. Although he /is/ a little proud, like calling himself the Water Prince and expecting others to call him that way, he does not look down on lower-classed people or show arrogance. On the contrary, he is polite towards every person he meets and will try to help those in trouble unless he considers them a threat to him and his family.

    Masashi is also a very reserved person who tends to keep things to himself. However, he shares a very close bond with his younger sister Hikari and is very protective of her. He would even give his own life to keep her safe. One could say that she is one of the very, VERY few people that the Water Prince truly loves. Apart from Akira, she is the only being he trusts completely.

    History: Masashi grew up being very close to his younger sister Hikari, but never knew why. He used to be very playful, and one would say reckless. However, there was something that changed him forever. He was with his two sisters in a tower known as Brass Tower when suddenly the building burned down. Unable to fight the fire and save his sisters, the three of them and their Pokémon perished in said fire. When he was revived, he could feel nothing but guilt and regret, thinking that if he had trained with Akira and hadn’t been so reckless he would have been able to save his sisters. Because of these thoughts, he and Akira learned more about their abilities and Masashi started acting like a high-class gentleman, being more polite and calm, wearing clothes that would suit a prince more often, and losing that reckless, childish personality he used to have before the Brass Tower fire.
    During this time he learned to battle with daggers, knives, and objects like that, while he and Akira dominated the ability to purify water. He also became extremely protective of Hikari, because after the fire he didn’t want to lose her one more time. After many years of intense dagger combat training, he became a pretty agile and good battler, however, he neglected hand-to-hand combat.

    Skills: Masashi trained to become a great fighter, using daggers mainly. He is also good at battling with knives and canes. Fighting aside, the Water Prince has a remarkable ability to reason and solve certain riddles.
    Flaws: Masashi didn’t put much attention into hand-to-hand combat training so he is not very good at it. He can also lose control of situations and become unable to think properly when pushed beyond the line.
    Weapon: Daggers. His dagger of choice is this one.

    Pokemon: Suicune
    Pokemon Name: Akira
    Pokemon Personality: Akira is usually polite, like his partner. However, this politeness will be shown only if he thinks the other one deserves it.
    Pokemon History: Akira’s part is pretty much the same as Masashi, as he would follow him wherever he went (and still does). He perished in the fire at Brass Tower along with Masashi and all the others who were trapped there, but was revived later. Since his revival, both he and Masashi have strived to become stronger and dominate their skills so as to be able to fight tough situations like those.
    Pokemon Specialty: Akira can purify water just by touching it and walk across water
    GEEZUS. Apart from that, he can move at very high speeds, and he is very agile and accurate.
    Pokemon Flaws: Akira can be upset easily and be aggressive for no real reason.

    Proof of Reading: When the old man stopped, Ethan smiled, seeming to have enjoyed the story.

    Anything Else: (Anything other than this that you'd like to add?)
    Accepted, but you were pushing the boundary by leaving a vague appearance section.

    Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
    Great! And, uh, the military thing is kinda minor. Just know his father was a dragoon and he wants to be like him.
    It was just the idea in general.

    Originally Posted by NightOfRemorse View Post
    Awh, well thanks! :D I'd actually love that very much, so I'll edit in the altered SU in a couple of hours.
    I can't wait to see it.
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