Thread: [Survey] Favorite ROM to hack?
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    Originally Posted by GoombaGeek View Post
    How come nobody uses Sapphire for anything?

    From the tiny bit of hacking I've done, Sapphire seems pretty okay. Are there mysterious Ruby-only tools?
    Lolno. When I first started, I wanted to mod on Sapphire as well because it was my favorite Gen III game, but I soon learned that it just didn't work well. After I changed to Ruby, I realized that it was much, MUCH easier to work with. Since then I've moved to FireRed, for favor reasons, as I like it's original sprites better, and I find more to be done with FireRed.
    I've heard Emerald is pretty good, as it has the myriad uselessly cool functions that Nintendo threw into their R/S base, but meh. I still prefer FireRed, because I do. Don't really have a legitimate reason.
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