Thread: B2/W2: More than just Unova?
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Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
Sounds more like a simple opinion to me. Yes it was somewhat amazing the first time, but I also felt it was lacking a good bit as well. I don't see why they shouldn't attempt it, if they want to appeal to the fans and do a fan service move then more power to them. I would enjoy going to past regions barring Kanto.

Likelihood that we will have another region though is highly doubtful. We already have a bunch of returning characters from other regions anyways so that should be enough of a fan service move already that we don't need another region.
I'm not entirely opposed to it. I'm coming from the standpoint of don't do it just to do it. If it is to be done I would like effort and thought to be at the forefront of its development. Past regions would be fun, yes, but isn't that why we've been getting remakes as well.

A new cluster of islands or a Mt. Silver and cities type of thing would be cool too. Especially if it managed to go completely under radar.
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