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Chapter: 2
Darkness Prevails

Unknown Location
The previous night

‘So now you know, Ghetsis who escaped is a wanted man. “But where is he?” is a question which no one could answer. Perhaps he went off to a faraway region. Perhaps he is still in Unova. Perhaps he went through time. Nobody knows. But one thing seemed certain. He was waiting for revenge…’
Ghetsis chuckled to himself. He had just finished a chapter of his autobiography. He was right there, no one could see that. No one except that troublesome boy N. But all of that would be dealt with.
After about an hour, he went out for some fresh air and some work. It was 10 o’ clock in the night, so the streets were deserted. It was a full moon night, but there was no moon. Ghetsis had chosen the darkest night of the century to go about this particularly gruesome task. It of course, was a lunar eclipse, the time when darkness would be the strongest. He passed the port; his ship had been docked as inconspicuously as possible. The sea looked beautiful; maybe later he would be inspired to write poetry. He could spot a flock of Ducklett relaxing the peace and quiet. To any other person they would appear cute. But to him, they were just another group of slaves who could work for him. He spat at them, but they did not seem to notice. He walked on…
At last he reached the place. It seemed quite unremarkable, but that was what it was for. The person inside did not want to be noticed. He paused at the doorstep, pondering briefly about whether to knock or not. He decided the latter. He picked open the lock and walked in…
Suddenly, from nowhere, an Arcanine leapt at him. He flicked his hand and in a second his Hydreigon stood over the unconscious body of the Arcanine. Such was the skill with which he could control his Pokémon. He heard a switch click, and a green haired man stood before him.
“I told you already, and I will tell you again. I wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world.”
Ghetsis chuckled, a plan already formed in his devious brain. Deception, of course, was his specialty.
“Oh you wouldn’t do it for money, but you would do it for this.”
He took out a piece of parchment from his coat and showed it. The green haired man shuddered…
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