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I'm unsure if this is for an In-game Team rate or competitive battles, so I'll just link you to the latter's section in the Competitive Battling Centre. Repost there but be sure to include EVs (as per the rules of that section), and if you're just after comments from an in-game only perspective that is a subsection of CBC, so repost there.

Closed due to above; this section is for 4th gen game discussion rather than talking about team advice.

(As a side note, the Shell Bell isn't very useful in practise - better than nothing but perhaps you could find a replacement there. I'd also replace Aerial Ace on Weavile (it's not hitting much else notable hard it should stay in on anyways) and Lock On with Magnezone (as no move it has really benefits from it).

EDIT: Tired as heck so I missed the bit in the second line. I'll just move it then to the right section.