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Daniel Sabrak
The Beach

”I... didn’t really get to see it. It kind of just fell down and swallowed me in one go. But it might be.” He glanced at her as she turned back to him, looking as if something was trouble her. After a little while, she asked him if he could help her out with learning some first aid stuff… and that she was training ninjutsu. Did that mean she was an amazing trainer –and- a ninja? Daniel just continued to be impressed by this girl. She didn’t look at –all- like a master Pokémon trainer combined with a ninja. Looks can be deceiving, he thought and smiled to her.

“Yeah, uh… sure, I guess.” He scratched his cheek lightly, glancing down at his satchel in thought. He wasn’t much of a tutor, but he could give it a shot. He didn’t have the most expansive knowledge of first aid, but…

“Well… first thing you need to remember is that if you get a wound, it needs to be cleaned and sterilized before you wrap it in bandages, or else you might get an infection. You need to use a bottle of sterilization liquid… or alternatively, alcohol. Dab some on some cloth and carefully brush the wound with it. After that you simply take some bandage and wrap it around the wound. Tight, but not so your blood won’t flow. Just… relatively firm, I suppose.”

He smiled sheepishly, turning a little to be able to face her better as he nodded towards her foot. “The reason I didn’t do anything to you, is that a sprained ankle isn’t all that serious. If you had broken it though, you’d need something to support it, so… put like a flat stick next to your leg and then wrap bandage around it. That makes sure the leg stays straightened out and doesn’t twist, so the bones can’t mend. And… uh, I don’t know if there’s much else to teach. Is there something specific you want to know?”

Alexis nodded a little at Hikari’s story about the Riolu, frowning faintly. She then blinked slightly at the question, glancing up at Daniel again. “Uhm… well, he can get pretty scatterbrained and forget stuff, I suppose… but other than that, I don’t think so. He’s not mean-spirited or anything. He tries to avoid conflict though.”
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