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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
^ Yeah kind of like the rematches against the E4 were,when they had two extra pokemon and some replacements.
Well I can say this now, I don't think there will be a Dark type gym this time around.
It's fairly unlikely at this point, but it could still happen. Bearing in mind that so far we only know of five confirmed gym leaders, leaving a possible maximum of three entirely new gym leaders (although this is unlikely, as mentioned). Burgh, Clay, Brycen and Drayden/Iris may not make comebacks at all. I remember someone earlier in the thread mentioning that Burgh's gym badge curves downwards at a sharper angle than the silhouette of the third badge in the picture of Cheren giving you the basic badge. Chances are it probably is Burgh's badge, but you never know.

If Grimsley is confirmed to remain a member of the E4, I think the chances of a Dark type gym are essentially eliminated.