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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Beach

    Ruby listened with widened eyes to Daniel, he knew alot about first aid. Ruby always cleaned her wounds with water, this is because her brother told her to do it like that, so it was wrong afterall? 'Wow... You really know alot, thanks.' Ruby smiled gratefully at him. But then he explained something about her ankle. 'A sprained ankle isn't serious, but the pain is.' Ruby rubbed the back of her head again while giggling embaressingly again. 'I'm not used to the pain of an sprained ankle...' She admitted.

    Daniel then told her about how you should treat an broken ankle/leg. This would come in handy in the future, that's for sure. 'That's everything i wanted to know, thanks Daniel...' She thanked him with a smile. She took the last sip of her Soda, she then putted the can away in the plastic bag she was holding for the can. She looked at her lap as a awkward moment of silence had came.

    Hikari listened to Alexis as she told her that Daniel didn't really had bad habits. Now it's Hikari's turn to tell Ruby's bad habits... But what are her bad habits? "Uhmm... Ruby is shy... And...' Hikari kept thinking. 'Uhm and... She can be hyper sometimes...? And...' Hikari sighed as she gave up. 'I'm sorry, Ruby is more like a kind-hearted girl... She doesn't have much of bad habits...' Hikari apologized. 'Oh wait! She can be really reckless sometimes! Like you saw just now.' Hikari said.
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