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    John Carden

    Rocks outta thin air?! What kind of attack was this?

    Never before had John seen a pokémon manifest matter from seemingly nowhere as a form of attack, but there's a first time for everything, or so they say anyway.

    He didn't have much time to think of how he should command Verno to react, those rocks were closing in by the second, and his Growlithe was sure to take a beating.

    Dodge? No, they're too quick, and Verno will just be left wide open for a second barrage...

    Take the hit and keep charging? 'Course not, those rocks will tear him Verno up.

    "Verno!" John called out to his pokémon, deciding to go with the next idea that came to mind. "Hit 'em with another Ember attack! Blast those rocks outta the air!"

    The Growlithe barked in acknowledgement before releasing another wave of fiery embers aimed at the encroaching stones...
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