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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    They're always shown to be bad guys, eg when Trubbish is being mean in the preschool; when Amoonguss attacks Ash's friend in the woods; when Grimer/Muk take over the Psyduck pond; when Venipede swarmed over Castelia City; etc. You barely ever see none Poison (or Dark) type Pokemon doing this kinda stuff! D: It certainly doesn't help their image at least :p
    I disagree. Gyarados, Electrode, Electabuzz, Ursaring and Fearow are frequent Antagonistic mons, even Onix gets its moments. In the very first episode its a flock of spearow who attack Ash and Pikachu rather than Golbat (as a flying poison). Meowth is the most common foe for the heroes and he's a normal type. If we look at team rocket's pokemon in the anime they're not as heavily poison as you'd think, its just Arbok and Weezing are the most remembered.
    Meowth- normal
    Arbok- poison
    Weezing- poison
    Victreebel- grass/poison
    Lickitung- Normal
    Wobuffet- psychic
    Serviper- poison
    Chimecho- psychic
    Cacnea- grass
    Dustox- Bug/Poison
    Mime jr.- psychic
    Carnivine- grass
    Yanmega- bug/flying
    Woobat- flying/psychic
    Yanmask- ghost
    so that is 5/15 of those only 3 are pure poison.


    my Kanto poison team

    Zubat-Golbat-(with nat. dex)Crobat