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Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
I am concerned about your gym leaders. I don't think the first or second gym should be dragon type, especially not both. There should only be one gym per type, unless they have two types like the 1st and 6th gyms in Sinnoh. Other than that I like the idea.
WOOPS, I made two Dragon Gyms. And don't take particular worry about it. He uses a Swablu and Horsea, which are at least related to Dragons. Trust me, sticking actual Dragon-types at the very beginning of the game is ludicrous.

Originally Posted by Blaziken141 View Post
Very interesting plot, but why do you keep flash as a hm?
I'm personally more used to seeing it as an HM than a TM. Besides, there aren't HMs in the game, so what I call it doesn't quite matter (I don't have Whirlpool replacement in the game). My first two games were LeafGreen and Emerald, so I used it a lot as an HM, moreso than in later generations.
Pokemon Equilibrium is my project. Be sure to at least look at it. If you like it, then say so. If you don't, tell me why. If you wish to contribute, then say so. If you don't, then continue about your business. It is currently an idea in need of teams. Link here:
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