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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Oak Town

    Once again Genevieve had shown Maxwell a smile. This time however, the smile was genuine. Maxwell smiled as well, maybe those words had cheered her up? Whatever the case, he was glad to see that she wasn't as blue anymore.

    At the mention of Shinobi, Maxwell lit up. He had completely forgotten about the Weedle! There was some complications in finding the bug, even if he was going to Oak Town it would be hard to track him down among all the alleys and houses and that stuff.

    "Well," he said, "As much as I wanna' find out where Shinobi has gone to, I feel bad for just leaving Brian like that earlier. So I'm gonna' heal my Pokémon and then find a good birthday present for him! It can't be too hard in a place like this, right?"

    Afterwards, Maxwell went up to the counter of the PokéCenter and asked for a full healing. The nurse happily obliged and by the time she came back, Slackey had crept out of Maxwell's hoodie and placed himself on his trainer's head.
    "Thank you." the teen said as he recieved his fully healed Pokémon. He let out both Quillie and Katam.

    [Bloooorrghh...] was the Tympole's response as he laid on his back, seemingly hesitant to get up.

    Quillie on the other hand just stared into the ground with a stern look. Maxwell tried contacting him, but it was just like the Quilava had built a wall around him. Apparently they were still tired from the battle, so Maxwell returned them to their Pokéballs and walked over to Genevieve.

    "So," he said with a smile, "Are you done?".

    Wilson the Swinub
    With Brian's Pokémon

    Wilson paid no mind to the other's bickering, he was too busy trying to sniff out Bouncy. Eventually he smelt something, a scent that was sort of rubbery, or balloony if you will. It seemed quite energetic as well, seems like he had found a lead! Then the Swinub started sniffing around for that scent, and wouldn't you know it! He quickly found a trail that he deemed safe to follow.

    [Erhm,] he said, [I believe that I've found where little Miss Bouncy is. Or at least her scent...]

    Then Wilson started trotting on his small stubby legs along the scent-trail that would eventually lead to Bouncy, and maybe a bit unexpectedly to some, as well as Brian.
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