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Hi everyone! I've been here on PC for a long time and played a lot of hacks made and they have inspired me to make my very own game! The last few hacks I’ve played include Pokémon Snakewood, Pokémon Rol, and various other great hacks. With this next one I have in store, I’m hoping to create something that will go down in PC history. Our team will need to consist of spriters, scripters, tile inserters, ow editors, and programmers. Any and all are welcome, just sign the form below and I‘ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Project Name:
Pokémon: Right and Wrong (leaf green rom base. also, name is subject to change)

Pokémon: Right and Wrong; Story:
As a young boy/girl, you lived with your parents who ran a successful Pokémon daycare in the region of Daigeni. You lived on a dairy since you were born, and all you knew was taking care of Pokémon. On the night of your 10th birthday, a man in a black suit arrived at your front door and demanded that your family leave. If not, they would be killed on site. Your parents were stubborn, so they didn't leave. Instead, they made you and your older brother and little sister go live with your uncle and aunt in the small city of Grindale. After that day, your family hears nothing about your mother and father and your home. Three years later, your brother leaves on his quest to find out whats wrong. The year after, you hear no word of your brother's quest, so your little sister leaves on her 12th birthday to start her pokemon trainer quest. You stay and help your uncle and aunt in their store. On your 17th birthday, after hearing absolutly nothing about your family, you say that enough is enough, and ask Professor Maple to give you a pokemon. And now, you decide how your journey goes!

Twists and turns
two teams: Team Light Wolf, and Team Shadow Wolf. You decide whos evil, and whos not!
16 gyms, and 2 Pokémon leagues
25 side quests
2 regions
new badges
new hero sprites
new starters
new trainers
day and night system
You choose how the story ends!

Maxj2009- creator, story writer, side quest writer, fakemon maker, beta tester
DarkCharizard77- Scripter
Juni0r- fakemon maker
Zerks- Co-creator, mapper, beta tester.
BlueStar- mapper, beta tester
Whisbii- mapper
Tigerkit300- mapper
Thatonegurl- Scripter
tajaros- Graphics Editor, ASM Script Inserter
Chaxmonster - Graphics Artist
Tile Inserter - M.L.

What we still need:
programmers, spriters, ow editors, music inserters, tile editors, region editors, and more

Name Preferred:
Time Zone:
Position Applying For:
Proof Of Work:
Past Experience (if none, it’s okay):

Banners and Userbars:

Thanks so much for checking this out and I hope this goes far!