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    Jack Jacobs
    vs Tailow

    This was how it was Jack and Shadow to one side and Whirlwind at the other side with the wild tailow dab in the middle of them. Blade stood and watched from a decent distance usually he would see this as unfair but maybe this tailow would actually put up a fight that Jack wouldn't expect. Something about his fighting spirit was fading though and Blade seemed to be the only one that was aware of the whole situation.

    "Alright since this tailow doesn't want to move imma go first" Jack said as he watched the bird just hover in the air flapping its wings without a care. "Whirlwind Peck!!" The skarmory took off at full speed heading straight towards the tailow and like a little rocket the tailow started flying away but surprisingly at Shadow with what seemed to be quick attack. Shadow and Jack looked at each other before both setting off in laughter, both knowing Shadow wouldn't be affected by a normal type move.

    The tailow sped right through the ghost type prompting a large laugh from both trainer and pokemon but the laughing was quickly stopped the second Whirlwind flew towards Shadow unexpectedly and accidently hitting the ghost type with peck. This time it was the wild tailow and Blade's turn to laugh as the watched the two pokemon on the ground trying to get back battle ready.

    Jack let out a large sigh and watched as the tailow floated over unto the shoulder of Blade as the two pokemon laughed and talked together. Jack could only watch and stare in amazement until Blade began walking towards him with a smile "He wants to join our little gang" The sad look on Jacks face was gone after Blade said what he said. and quickly took out the pokeball and went about capturing the tailow.

    The tailow was caught but Jack wasn't looking much happier at all "Back to Lucia and Danielle" he said as he began walking from the fields to the pokemon center where the two girls were.

    Outside the Pokemon Center

    Upon his return Jack sat and watched the two girls a little before staring up into the clouds thinking about his past and a weird feeling that he was having recently. Blade watched him with great concern, maybe Jack was losing his touch even if just slightly.
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