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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
"One of you is missing, someone very important...WHERE'S MOMO?!?!?!?!" <-paraphrased

Speaking of animals, what was your favorite animal cross from the series?
Mine would be Foofoocuddlypoops, a.k.a. a sabertooth-moose-lion, though all the crosses were cool. (like ostrich-horses!)
<3 Foo Foo Cuddlypoops's easily my favorite hybrid of the series! He's just too adorable and unforgettable. Also, Sokka named him probably the most random pet name, too. :3

A:TLA Favorite Ep: Oh man there's so many amazing episodes. I did quite like the Northern Water Tribe end in Book 1. YuexSokka was so cute. Yue had an interesting (but sad!) backstory. I love the Yin Yang fishies... They're so melodic to watch. I like it when Aang combines forces with the ocean spirit. >:D
LOK Favorite Ep: I love 'And the Winner Is...' First, the announcer keeps talking even as the Equalists are ambushing the arena. Second, Pabu is such a cutie when he saves the gang! More importantly, I develop a newfound love for Lin. She's so epic in the last 5-10 minutes. I really love how she works together with Korra. LIN<3

Originally Posted by TheFallenUmbreon View Post
Which Element do you think is the most lethal and dangerous during combat? I'd personally say Blood Bending, for obvious reasons. How about for Survival?
Firebending, for me. You can still attack even if you're out of water or earth... You can also breathe it so in a desperate struggle, you don't need to 'bend' or motion it. Firebending does seem to be affected by mood, though?
For survival purposes, I see Waterbending as very helpful. You can heal yourself, I suppose reduce your chances of drowning, and travel on water. Water is everywhere. :D

Originally Posted by ~Harmony View Post
As for the most dangerous element, I would say the peak of any element is equally deadly. And that makes me wonder: why is there a peak for waterbending and firebending, the side of metalbending for earthbenders, but nothing really extreme for airbending (besides the gliding and air scooter and all that). I wonder if the absence is supposed to show that peaceful side of airbending that Aang greatly shows throughout the series instead of as a "deadly" element.
I wonder about this a lot too... Is it possible to bend the air in a person's lungs? Crush the air around a person? Airbending can be deadly but I do like the creative (non-violent!) ways airbenders show off their powers - gliding and air spheres! You know how fast Tenzin got to the pro-bending arena when he found out Korra sneaked out to it? :o hehe

Originally Posted by ~Harmony View Post
Korra might find a deadly side of airbending. It might be the only way she ever learns it..... by turning it aggresive like her and the rest of her bending haha.
I know right! This may be the only way she airbends. :( Tomorrow's episode shall shed some light on this! link

And another preview: link