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    Chapter 3

    Viridian Forest
    Present Day

    It was a beautiful morning in Viridian Forest; the sun shone through the dense cover of trees overhead and formed beautiful crisscross patterns on the ground. Several flocks of Pidgey flew out of their roost in search for their daily grub. Several groups of Rattatta were on the lookout for any unwary traveler from whom they could steal. Freshly formed Metapod cocoons glittered when the sun’s rays hit them. A few wild Pikachu were playing hide and seek among the tall trees. N smiled, this was what Pokémon deserved. This was paradise. No human had the right to take this away. Though he was having several conflicted thoughts on that particular topic…

    N knew that Ghetsis had been here. He could almost smell the evil. But at the moment, no human was present. N realized that he had less than an hour before someone showed up. He had to complete his search. Wasting no time, he drew Archeops from its Pokeball. It dived at the nearest Weedle, and within seconds it was in his stomach. Archeops gave a satisfied burp.

    “No time for relaxation old friend,” said N, “You must search for signs of digging.”

    “Sure, boss.”

    N also brought out his Excadrill and sent it to search underground. He seated himself on a fallen log and began to ponder. This was the fifth time he had been to a place to search for digging. He knew that Ghetsis had gone underground. He had been chasing his trail around for a week. It always seemed that he seemed to disappear underground wherever he went. Then the revelation struck him. Ghetsis would never leave Unova. It represented the power of human development. Then the trail he was following must have been a decoy. He was about to call his Pokémon back when Excadrill popped up before him.

    “Boss, there seems to be a problem,” said Excadrill, “There is a really powerful vibration heading right towards us!”

    He saw his Acheops Flying towards him with an urgent expression. ‘It’s a trap!’ He realized. Too late!

    The ground beneath his Archeops seemed to explode, and then a silver metallic object hurtled toward it at top speed. Archeops had fainted before hitting the ground. From the ground emerged a drill-digger. It was a machine Ghetsis had devised for Team Plasma to help them travel around unnoticed. He heard a click, a door slid open he could see three dark silhouettes inside.

    ‘No! Not them!’ N pleaded to god.
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