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John Carden


John flailed his arm, urging both Zovo and Caesa to get behind him as he racked his brain trying to think of his next move. The longer Verno was stuck in that sandstorm, the worse it would get to deal with.

Ah, heck with it! We had to close distance to begin with anyway!

"Verno, don't back down!," John called out over the roaring sands, "Charge right on through with your Flame Wheel attack!

The Growlithe pressed on through the vicious, whipping sands, continuing his headlong assault. Even larger embers poured from his snout, growing stronger and hotter as they engulfed Verno's frame.

John spotted the ball of fire that was his Growlithe through the storm. "That's it! Go!"

Verno roared as he pressed on with his blazing charge.
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