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Alice Crenshaw
Pokémon Center -> Academy Grounds

Alice heard Roxas say that there was nothing wrong, but his cheeks were red, even more than before. And although she didn't know it, her cheeks were turning the same color as well! Obilivio then said something to Jello and Roxas, which made the boy glare at the Lucario and say "Let's begin the training!" with a face red as a tomato. Alice was trying not to giggle at this situation.

Then, all of a sudden, she felt Roxas grab her hand and get pulled along with him as he ran outside the building to a place full of grass. She giggled as her cheeks turned more red.

"Well, um, soo..." she said, "What do we do now?"

Jello frowned. "I hope so." he said to Obilivio before having to sprint, or float at a high speed, in order to keep up with Alice and Roxas. There was something that he didn't like about the kid. Maybe it was just him being protective, fearing that Alice would get hurt by that boy. But, for the time being, he decided to stay silent. Alice seemed to be happy and having fun, and the purple Solosis did not want to ruin that.
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