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    John Carden

    John pumped a fist as a wide smile formed on his lips. Finally, they were in position to deal some damage! Now, it was a matter of capitalizing on this oppurtunity. But, how exactly?

    Let's see... that Tirtouga's pretty darn tough, and it's almost fully resistant to any of Verno's fire-based attacks. Didn't seem to like having Verno's fangs sink into 'er tail, though. Wait...

    His Growlithe's flames certainly haven't been much more than an inconvenience to Bixi, but now Verno had her by the tail and this limb seemed to be the only possible weak-point that John could figure out.

    It's worth a shot!

    "Verno! Bite down again and use Flame Wheel!"

    As the already worn pup let out a small roar, it's frame was once again engulfed by red-hot flames. Opening it's mouth wide to expose his now searing fangs, Verno once again soared at the Tirtouga's tail.
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