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    John Carden

    Aw, shoot!

    John gripped his head in frustration. As long as Bixi was in her shell, none of Verno's attacks would be effective at all. And, to make the situation worse, Verno was still going to be buffeted by the sands.

    C'mon, Johnny boy... think, think, think!

    They needed action and quickly. Verno's Ember attack had made Bixi come out of her shell once, so maybe it'd work again. John and Verno didn't have many other options anyway.

    "Verno," John called out to his pokémon, "Blow some more fire in 'er shell! Ember attack, don't let up!"

    The Growlithe's fortitude was fading fast but he would not let his trainer down. Aiming at the hole in which Bixi's tail had receded, he let loose a steady stream of fiery embers.
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