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What do you think was the saddest moment in either series?
Hmm I can't remember a particular sad scene, but I did feel for Aang when he discovered Monk Gyatso's fate. It truly sucks for someone's Aang's age to have to go through such turmoil. As for Korra, I find episodes more epic than sad, so far.

Episode 9! Oh lordy!
Bloodbending is soooo super creepy aaa who's going to save Korra?!

Meelo is so adorable, lol.

I can't believe Tarrlok staged the whole thing and blamed the Equalists. x_x

Lin busts out the gang! OMFG bolin hahaha omfg


You should be in the hospital and you should be in prison... rofl Tenzin.

Oh my lord they're kinda on a wild goose chase. x_x So painful to watch them all be heroic when Korra's not even underground.

Oh man Mako is kind of too noticeable... Why did Asami tell you, Bolin?

I'm so glad Tenzin figured it out D; OMG rude, Tarrlok. Wahh why does Tarrlok have LOK in his name? >.<

how did they get so much done in 12 minutes lol? :3

Sokka on the council! So... are the criminal and Aang bloodbending? BLAH

Thank goodness for that assistant... HOLY BUCKETS OF WATER

OMG Aang took his bending away... :x!


Korra is so smart omg Amon what you gonna do girl

now this is sad ;____;