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You call that a summary? I was mostly squealing..

The voice overs were good too.

I had thought Aang was bloodbending too a bit, judging from the way he raised his hand. Now, I believe only Yakone was bloodbending during that whole flashback.

Tarrlok had his own weird agenda, but Amon took his bending away. Uh oh!

The whole trial flashback showed us that a 'unique bender' can arise. Yakone magically developed the ability to bloodbend (without the full moon) the same way Amon magically developed the ability to take away bending forever? magical magical ?? Amon is a bender...? Did Aang teach anyone. You're right, we have a lot of questions. D;

Tarrlok cannot support Amon, because Tarrlok's daddy had his bending removed... Umm! No wonder Tarrlok looked enraged when Korra compared him to Amon.

EDIT: WAIT. Aang took Tarrlok's dad's bending away, so that's why Tarrlok is against Avatar Korra...?