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Originally Posted by Namorax View Post
I wanted to ask if there is another link for wichu's Raptor EX.
The links there go to where Megaupload has been once a time... Could anyone share another link for Raptor EX, because it seems like its the one with the most features.

I know, I don't think O.G. Duke has updated this thread in a long time, so I will provide an alternate link. Everyone, I tested this download. It's safe, and is the real thing.

Pokémon Raptor EX
Originally Posted by cybermccloud View Post
it doesn't work on my computer. things that have exe. or rar. doesn't work on my comptuer.

will it work on the sofware unbuntu? u know, the sofeware that is sold at Target?
You have Ubuntu? I am not well versed in that OS, but I do know that you need a program called WineHQ (Google it). It's a Windows application emulator. To open .RAR files, you need WinRAR, or an Ubuntu variant. Otherwise, run WinRAR within WineHQ.

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