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Originally Posted by TheAC29 View Post
"There has been Elite Four members who mono Dark-types, but is the only type lacking for a Gym. Do you think there is a reason behind this and how do you feel about this?"
Well, the reason why they didn't make a Dark-Type gym is that it's less challenging(It can only deal normal damage) than other Types of Gym and it has less pure dark-type pokemon and half and secondary dark-type, they can use Skuntank, Tyranitar, Drapion, Sneasel, Weavile, etc. Just like Jasmine's pokemon, she has 2 Magnemites (Electric-Steel Type) and Steelix (Steel-Ground Type).

I really, really like to see a Dark-Type Gym for future Pokemon games, but it takes a long time to design a whole interior of the gym and ideas on which dark-type pokemon to use to make it more challenging like the other Gyms

I almost forgot that I've made userbars for the club :D
Here the links:
For Kanto:
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For Hoenn:
The rest are still in the making
Thank you for the userbars, I will get those updated tonight when I edit the main post :X
Originally Posted by Drgons90 View Post
Name: Drgons90
Gym Leader: Tate
2 Partner Pokemons: Lunatone and Gardevoir
Reason for joining: I am interested in most Psychic types because they have very high Sp Att and their attacks always rely on that attribute to damage.

Is it ok if I choose half of that gym leader? I'm a boy so it's awkward if I choose liza or sabrina.
Sure thing, although I don't see how its awkward to choose a female leader xD


Would you like to see more various-type Gym Leaders? (Ex: Blue)