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Aang took Tarrlok's dad's bending away, so that's why Tarrlok is against Avatar Korra...?

I think Tarrlok was just trying to gain power by taking over the council, and that he was against Korra cuz she was getting in his way. I also like how it was Amon who came to Korra's rescue. How did he get there so quickly? I have a feeling the spirits are involved, with Tarrlock's special power and with Amon's.

And who has the bright idea to let the kid of an evil special bloodbender on the council that controls the capital of the avatar world?!

*I'm half-joking with the previo
us sentence. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly no matter what their parentage. *Grumble*

RANDOM FACT OF THE POST: Toph'es bending style was based on Chu Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, while all other earthbenders earbending was based on Hu Gar Kung Fu