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    Well seeing as my previous tile thread disappeared in the wasteland of dead threads here, and I have new tiles for you all I think its only appropriate that I Make a new thread.


    Cave/Mountain tiles


    Dream World tiles

    Kanto tiles

    Items overworld

    I am in the middle of making tiles for ALL of the regions including new ones for Orre, Almia, Fiore, Oblivia, and the orange islands. I hope to have the ones for kanto, johto, Hoen, Sinnoh, and Unova finished by the end of this year, however I REALLY need ideas on which landscape tiles people liked the best.

    Edit: Clicking the images takes you to their page on my deviantArt if you have the time you can also check out some of my other stuff on there ^.^

    Edit 6-9-12: added some custom/edited signs since I'm still working on the kanto tiles

    Edit 6-16-12: Added some edited and recolored tree tiles made a little more progress on the Kanto tiles, and I hope you all like the new ones. ^.^

    Edit 6-22-12: Updated the signs, and will have vermillion city buildings added to the kanto tiles by sunday.

    Edit 6-23-12: Spent all nite working on them so the vermillion city buildings are done. Hope you like them ^.^

    Edit 6-25-12: Updated the trees to include versions for all 4 seasons, and I have also finished the Kanto power plant and radio tower/lavender tower, but am struggling to make a unique version of the lavender town houses so expect those sometime tomorrow, or Wednesday.

    Edit 6-26-12: Finished the lavender town tiles, and I'm going to take a break from all this for a week or so so I can clear my head a little. I will be making tiles for Celadon City next, then Saffron, then the bike road, then Fuchsia, and Cinnibar which will include some completely custom tiles because I plan on it being simi rebuilt in my game. Then all that will remain is doing something with victory road, and finally the pokemon league building.

    Edit 7-3-12 updated the cave/mountain tiles to include ledges and other bits. I will have 1 more update for those and will be finished

    Edit 11-1-13 Sorry for the long disappearance, I've been working, however I have managed to start some new spriting and tileset making. Added a start to some item overworlds this is just a start to them, and I plan to add more as time gos along. This covers a lot of items in game though so enjoy.
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