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    I need to insert some text here.
    Originally Posted by KessIwanov View Post
    I've added everything from the packet into my Pokemon Essential.
    Only if I, as a wild Pokemon eg a Snivy select. Then you will see this error message.

    What should I do?

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Message:undefined method ´[]´for nil:NilClass
    PokemonUtilities:1246:in ´pbSeenForm
    PokeBattle_Battle:479:in ´pbSetSeen`
    PokeBattle_Battle:594:in ´pbStartBattleCore`
    PokeBattle_Battle:505:in ´pbStartBattle`
    PokemonField:827:in ´pbWildBattle´
    PokemonField:826:in ´pbSceneStandby´
    PokemonField:828:in ´pbWildBattle´
    PokemonField:825:in ´pbBattleAnimation´
    PokemonField:825:in ´pbWildBattle´
    PokemonField:1232:in ´pbBattleOnStepTaken´
    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Solving an error
    Step 1: Start a new game.
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