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Finaly after searching so long, my long time friend from Hoenn has given me a Regice and Registeel. That make me complete the pokedex minus Keldeo,Genosect,and Meloetta. My team have given it all we can in the Super Double Battles and from my pokemon being very tired,I have let the chance of defeating the Subway Bosses go for now. Maybe one day I will rechallenge the Subway and win. Me,Cheren and Binaca have met back in Nuvema Town as I present the finished pokedex to Prof. Juniper. She was so happy. Cheren has told me that he will soon be a Gym Leader due to his power. Bianca is working with Prof. Juniper and she tells me my cousin in Aspertia City will soon be starting his new journey and she gets to take a trip across Unova to give him his pokemon. For now I will travel Unova with my Braviary to look for rare pokemon of diffrent color than the normal color of a pokemon. People call them Shining.

But a great worry builds inside me. It has gotten colder lately. And the great Dragon of Ice has me worried,yes I caught one but how many more are there? And not only that,I fear that Team Plasma and the Shadow Triad may return soon. I guess I will soon find out.

Current Team:
Braviary Lv 100.

Trainer Card Progression.
Defeated the Elite 4 more then once.
Collected all Musical Goods.
Obtained all Extralink Powers.
3/4 done with Battle Subway (Retired)
Pokedex: Seen: 646 Caught: 646