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    @Bewbs thanks for the review, I'll keep that in mind for future chapters

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    Chapter 4
    Never Mess With a Legendary Hero

    Viridian Forest
    Present Day

    The dark figures stepped out into the light, confirming N’s deep fears. All three of them had identical features; silver hair, light brown skin and faces covered in Zorro style masks. They were not very tall, a little more than five feet, but one look at them could tell you that they were a force to be reckoned with. Maybe it was his imagination, but to N, they seemed to reek of evil; the same pungent odor that he felt whilst talking to Ghetsis. They were of course the Shadow Triad, Ghetsis’s elite personal bodyguards. Little, if anything at all, was known about the Shadow Triad’s history. They were highly proficient in stealth, self-defense and Pokémon battle. They were rumored to be triplets; however nothing about their family had ever been unearthed. N’s face tensed, this was going to be a tough battle.

    Their leader spoke, “Ah… master N, under different circumstances we could be friends, however, circumstances change…” his voice was soft and smooth, devoid of any emotion and showing no signs of his feelings.

    “If you think I’m going to join you, think again…” he paused, “You had your chance to leave Ghetsis, but you chose to live with the traitor, so you will die with the traitor!”

    The leader chuckled, finding N’s words amusing, “Very well then, En Garde!”

    And N did ready himself, drawing his Zoroark and Klingklang to fight alongside his Excadrill. Each member of the Shadow Triad brought out a Mightyena. N vaguely remembered hearing about the specially trained Mightyena belonging to the Shadow Triad; though he had never seen them in battle he was pretty sure that they were an even match, if not stronger than N’s Pokémon. The next ten minutes passed in a blur, N relentlessly attacking the Triad’s Pokémon, however, the Mightyena were too fast and N soon realized that he was being toyed with. Due to his constant attacks, N’s Pokémon were getting quite tired while the Triad’s Pokémon were relatively unscathed. Then, without warning, the Mightyena lashed out at their respective opponents, swiftly crushing them. N groaned; he was outclassed.

    The Shadow Triad chuckled to themselves, obviously thinking that they had won. They half expected N to break in to tears or something, but what he did was quite different. He straightened his cap, and grinned wildly.

    “You do realize that I still have one Pokémon left, don’t you?”

    They looked at each other, trying to figure out what N had meant. It was then when realization hit them. Their leader’s face turned white, and he looked up. A wild streak of blue and black was visible after which, there was an enormous thud and Zekrom stood before them. It snarled menacingly at the Shadow Triad. Some of the color on the leader’s face returned.

    “Don’t panic!” he reassured his comrades, “There are three of us but only one of him!”

    What he didn’t include in his pep talk was that the one of ‘them’ was one of the legendary dragons of Unova. Maybe he didn’t have to, just one look at the magnificent beast would send shudders down anyone’s spine. N used this moment to his advantage.

    “Zekrom, Bolt Strike!”

    At once, Zekrom was encased in a yellow aura of pure energy. The sheer magnitude of its force sent ripples into the air. Zekrom then charged at the Mightyena with unfathomable speed, knocking them like bowling pins. Zekrom kept charging, and hit the vehicle of the Triad, which exploded immediately. This sent the Shadow Triad flying through the air, almost comically. N allowed himself a satisfied smirk before gathering his belongings, leaping on Zekrom’s back and flew off at supersonic speeds towards Unova.
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