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    Team (from last update):

    Bayleef (F) Lv. 26
    Rash Nature
    Item: Miracle Seed
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Moves: Rock Smash, Nature Power, Magical Leaf, GrassWhistle

    Umbreon (F) Lv. 21
    Impish Nature
    Item: None
    Likes to thrash about
    Ability: Synchronize
    Moves: Bite, Cut, Flash, Quick Attack

    Pidgeotto (F) Lv. 29
    Mild Nature
    Item: None
    Often lost in thought
    Ability: Tangled Feet
    Moves: Twister, U-turn, Quick Attack, Pluck

    Kabuto (F) Lv. 20
    Timid Nature
    Item: None
    Alert to sounds
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Moves: Harden, Absorb, Leer, Mud Shot

    Monferno (M) Lv. 21
    Bashful Nature
    Item: EXP. Share
    Somewhat vain
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Moves: Ember, Taunt, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel

    NB: Sorry about the reference to the Blue Card in my last update. I saw an opportunity so I took it.


    -Challenged Gym Leader Whitney
    -Bayleef fainted but not before paralyzing Lickitung with Tri Attack
    -Pidgeotto finished the job with Pluck
    -Pidgeotto and Umbreon took down Wigglytuff (NB: There are few things in this world that truly scare me. Wigglytuff is one of these things. If you've played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness, Time or Sky you'll know why.)
    -Umbreon lost to Lopunny
    -Used 2 Super Potions on Pidgeotto
    -Pidgeotto destroyed Lopunny with Pluck
    -Used another 2 Super Potions on Pidgeotto
    -Pidgeotto barely defeated Clefable
    -Sacrificed Kabuto to use a Super Potion on Pidgeotto
    -Pidgeotto lost to Miltank
    -Monferno lost to Miltank
    -Trainer Tai lost the battle

    -Trained up my team in Route 35
    -Registered Juggler Irwin in the PG
    -Registered Firebreather Walt in the PG
    (NB: I will be changing Meganium to Magmortar. Honestly I'm much better at raising a Fire-Type than raising a Grass-Type.)
    -Obtained the Quick Claw
    -Gave Pidgeotto the Quick Claw
    -Trained up in the part of Route 36 I could get to
    -Monferno learned Feint
    -Registered School Kid Alan in the PG
    -Bayleef learned Grass Knot
    -Registered Bug Catcher Arnie in the PG

    -Re-challenged Gym Leader Whitney
    -Bayleef KO'd Lickitung by itself
    -Bayleef fainted after weakening Wigglytuff
    -Pidgeotto finished the job
    -Umbreon spammed Bite and KO'd Clefable then lost to Lopunny
    -Lopunny KO'd itslelf due to missing with Jump Kick
    -Monferno and Kabuto defeated Miltank
    -Monferno defeated Stantler
    -Gym Leader Whitney was defeated

    -After Whitney finished crying over losing, I obtained the Plain Badge and TM45 Attract
    -Registered Whitney in the PG
    -Obtained the Squirtbottle
    -Caught Sudowoodo (F, Lv. 25)
    -Obtained the Berry Pots
    -Deposited Sudowoodo into the PC
    -Went back to Azalea Town and threw the Odd Keystone into the Slowpoke Well
    -Caught Spiritomb (F, Lv. 20)
    NB: Before you ask, no. The above part was not a typo or a lie. Spiritomb can be obtained in Sacred Gold and Storm Silver by standing at the top of Slowpoke Well and throwing the Odd Keystone down it. Of course you must battle Spiritomb and catch it first. On another note, Spiritomb is going to be really useful in my next Gym Battle.
    -Saved progress for now

    Team will be shown before next update.
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