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    Screenshots are currently down due the fact that my host went offline. I will fix this as soon as I am back home.

    „a Liquid Ocean remake” by Rokou


    » a few words from the author

    Hello there! My name is Rokou and I am the creator of this hack; I'll try my best to introduce Pokémon™ Soala Adventures to you. I know my English is bad, but whatever, let's get started!

    My goal with Pokémon™ Soala Adventures is a remake of Pokémon™ Liquid Ocean by Christos. Actually it will be more like a continuation since Christos never finished his project. The reason behind this project is quite simple: Liquid Ocean was one of the first hacks I ever played. Therefore, it has quickly become one of my favorites. I don't try to copy him or something, I just don't want to let this awesome project die. This is my motivation for this project. I also present this project in a early stage in order to share as much future updates as possible.

    By the way, everything I do is from scratch and not based on the actual release of Liquid Ocean.

    Basic information

    » technical details and more

    Name: Pokémon™ Soala Adventures
    Based on: Pokémon™ Fire Red [BPRE, v1.0]
    Started: 01.06.2012, 1st June, 2012
    Author: Rokou
    Language: English


    » what is going to happen in Soala

    It's a special for Colin today, his father, Ethan, is showing him and his best friend, Nate, the invention he's been working on for the past months, and Mael, a friend of your father's, is going to give both of you your first Pokémon. Colin's father though, has left leaving a message saying he was going to help people with his new invention. This doesn't worry Colin, since his father has done that before, but when Kyle, Nate's brother, leaves too, without saying anything, Colin and Nate decide to try and find their relatives, while training to obtain the eight Soala League badges. In this quest, Colin comes across two groups which are "trying to make the world a better place". Is Colin's father and Kyle in one of these groups? What are the two groups' goals? Play and find out!

    This is the official story from Pokémon™ Liquid Ocean; In order to keep the original idea from Christos, I'll leave most of this as it is. There will be also some additional characters and general improvements in future updates.


    » what makes this game enjoyable

    New region: The region of Soala, with many different environments and home to all kinds of Pokémon
    New story: A decision based storyline featuring both new and already known characters from existing games
    Sidequests: Help people in Soala by getting them items they need, delivering messages and much more
    New music: A great selection from both new and old tracks will double the fun
    New items and field moves: Collect new items you've never seen before in order to succeed
    Minigames: Tired training your Pokémon? Play some challenging minigames and receive rewards!


    » first impressions


    » more screenshots and other stuff

    List of Updates:


    » plans for future releases

    Alpha 1.0
    General adjustments including some asm hacks []
    Tilesets and Maps [work in progress]
    Some graphics including titlescreen and other stuff []
    Scrips for Alpha 1.0 [all planned, work in progress]
    New music for Alpha 1.0 [all planned, work in progress]


    » people who help me

    My plan is to do as much as possible alone. Unfortunately, I am very uncreative when it comes to sprites. This includes both, overworlds and trainer sprites. Feel free to send me a private message if you think you are the one who can help me with this. Do notice: quality over quantity!


    » for resources, inspiration or general help

    Special thanks: Christos - For basically everything; ideas, inspiration and his wonderful Liquid Ocean
    Other people: Fangking Omega, Kyledove, Zein, Saphira, Laidjon, Mateo, Baro, Avatar, E▲SY, Kage X, Amachi, TreeckoLv.100, Tare9, $_$, Coronis, SpriHackNet, PokéSho, Nakugetsu, Darthatron, HackMew, Wichu, Hiroshi Sotomura, interdpth, Mastermind_X