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    Originally Posted by itman View Post
    From what I can see, the mapping is spot on. I don't care for those hedges, I never have, and I know it's very personal but I feel that replacing the hedge with a lot of trees in assortmants would look much better and more natural.

    Edit: Ooops didn't see that you restarted...xD Best of luck with the restart, if you have any questions you can ask, I'll answer to the best of my ability.
    Thanks for the comment! I want every map to have a natural feel to it, and I'll be posting screens every so often to showcase the maps and my overall progress. If you see anything that should be changed, or if you have any suggestions, just point it out, I'd appreciate it

    Anyways, here's some screens from the next town, Tangelo Town. It's still a work in progress.

    I've also finished almost all the scripts for the starting town, still gotta do the Professor script and stuff. I'm planning the beta release as I progress, and I think when I get things up to the third gym, I'll be ready for a release

    Daydream White version

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