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Originally Posted by TheAC29 View Post
Name: TheAC29
Partner Pokemon: Luxray
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I like Electric-Type, the designs of each electric pokemon makes my mind shocking and their stats are balanced.
Hi there, welcome to the club! Great to see more Electric fans joining :) I find your comment pretty interesting though; are their stats balanced? I think Electric types tend to have huge Speed and Special Attack with relatively low Defenses/Attack? I might be wrong though! Also why'd you choose Luxray as your partner? c:

Originally Posted by Zephele View Post
I played Pearl on a whim and saw a Shinx in Route 202. It was instant love from there - I just found it too cute to not use! It also ended up being a great asset to my team... despite me kind of not realizing for half the game that I should have been teaching it Physical moves instead of Special, haha.
Mm, I know how you feel, Shinx certainly is an utterly cute Pokemon! It's impossible not to love it at first sight <3 And I found it very interesting that there was an Electric type that early on in the game so I made sure to use one just like you x] And I love Shinx/Luxio/Luxray's physical style; it's a great tangent to the classic special attacking Electric types that we're so used to seeing! Unfortunately there weren't that many good physical Electric type moves to teach it :(

Originally Posted by Zephele View Post
Since then, when I started replaying older games, I always found myself wanting to try out other Electrics. From Magneton to Galvantula, I've found the handful I've tried to be a pleasure to use.
Which ones were your favourites? :D And how was Galvantula? It's one I've always wanted to try out using but never got round to it :o It's typing it very interesting indeed!

Originally Posted by Buttered Coat View Post
Name: Buttered Coat
Partner Pokemon: Zapdos :DDD

Do you guys think Pikachu works as the Electric type mascot or do you think another Electric Pokemon would've been a better choice? Well frankly I'd say Zapdos for obvious reasons XD A legendary would be a good electric mascot, but also Pikachu is the first electric pokemon in the pokedex so it does make sense for it to be a mascot. If I were just going with pokemon I like, though, I'd just say Zapdos because it is a powerful electric Pokemon and legendaries make pretty cool mascots. However, almost all pokemon have reasons to be the mascot for their type so I think any pokemon could be one :3
Hi Mrs Snuggles; welcome to the club! c: So I know the reasons are pretty obvious, but what made you choose Zapdos as your partner over your other favourites like Emolga and Jolteon? :D I must say I agree with you about Zapdos being a great candidate as the Electric type mascot for the series! It's so powerful and rare and it's a huge celebrity amongst the Electric types! I was thinking something like Electabuzz though; this Pokemon is powerful and looks incredibly unique making it a great spokesperson for the rest of the Electric Pokemon with similar qualities; plus it evolves into something seriously cool!