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    ((Sorry it took a VERY long time!))

    Chapter 3
    Normal PoV

    As the two slowed down, Shadow's pain came back. He fell to the ground groaning. "Shadow!" Shiver sat next to him and said "Are you ok?"

    No answer.

    A shock went through the hedgehog's mind. She tried again "Sh-shadow?"

    Still no response.

    Shiver looked down at his face. His eyes were closed,and he didn't respond to anything. Ok, now she KNEW that the damage was severe, but it now had an after-affect! "SHADOW!!!" Shiver picked him up and ran towards the forest's entrance.

    Once there, she ran in the direction of her house. Shiver looked down at the unconscious Shadow in her arms. She noticed, now that he was this close, for the first time that he was covered with bruises and all sorts of injures. "Mephiles really did a number on you. More than I realized, I should have kept you back home."

    Once at her house, Shiver gently put Shadow on her bed. When she felt his chest (that she enjoyed for some odd reason), a small heartbeat was felt. "His condition is getting worse." Shiver whispered to herself. Suddenly, she heard a small groan. "Sh-shadow?"

    The black hedghog's eyes were a little glazed, like a venomous snake had just bit him five seconds ago.
    "Shiver....ugh." He coughed up a bit of blood, causing Shiver to step back a bit. The light blue hedgehog, in a shaky voice, said "You need to rest, Shadow. I'll stay here with you." A few tears rolled down her cheeks, which Shadow noticed. He chuckled and whispered "Worrying over someone like me...."

    Shiver's head shot up. 'What...what do you mean?" Shadow frowned and whispered to her everything about his past with Maria, GUN, Sonic, everything. "I'm a monster, Shiver. I-"


    Shiver yelled a bit, surprising the black hedgehog. "YOU'RE NOT A MONSTER! I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS!" Shadow frowned. "Shiver...urgh,help....." His eyes were even more glazed then before as he slowly fell unconscious once again.

    Shiver stared at Shadow, scared. "Shadow...NO!"

    That was when the glow came.
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