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    Category: Comprehensive, so basically, everything and anything.

    Genre: Almost everything, really. My favorites, though, are hurt/comfort, angst, adventure, and fantasy.

    Preferred method of contact: PM me if you want me to beta for you and I'll give my email. :3 (In other words, email.)

    Examples of writing:
    As Mitsu sat down at the small tan desk, she quickly glanced at the girl she would sit next to in Physics class for the rest of the year.
    The female teen had the “I-Just-Woke-Up-And-Found-Nothing-Intersting-So-I’m-Gonna-Go-Hibernate-Now-Okay-Good night” look to her. The girl had a slim figure, and was clad in the standard green school uniform. Though the fact that it was singed and torn at the edges threw her off and made her wonder whether she ran through a fire and a forest before coming to school today. Mitsu found her eyes slowly wandering higher till she found her face. She was very pale, as if she hadn’t seen the sun in years. She had pale pink lips, that weren’t smiling or frowning, but were in a rather… Neutral position. Her hair was quite wavy and alternated between the colors black and white, framing and contrasting well with her face. Mitsu kept trailing up slowly until she finally reached her eyes. She stopped there, finding something that made her blush and look down at the floor in embarrassment.
    Sleepy dark blue eyes staring right back at her.
    Examples of reviews/beta-reports: This is sort of the hard part for me. You see, most of the beta-ing I do takes place irl. I can't post that because I don't have any of it with me. I'm only doing one on the internet right now, and I can't post a sample because I haven't started on it yet, and I have to get permission from the author once I finish. And so, this section is going to be edited later.

    Strengths/weaknesses (optional): Although I don't have any particularly terrible weaknesses I do have strength in grammar and language.