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    Originally Posted by SK3 View Post
    An egg shop huh? That's an interesting idea! Look forward to seeing some details about that :)
    It's basically a shop where you can buy different egg's for different prices. Currently aviable egg's are "Common Egg", "Uncommon Egg" and "Rare Egg", each has a certain chance for different Pokémon. They are pretty expensive though so you can not buy 5 of them in the beginning.

    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    Nice to see another good (don't want to be sarcastic here) FireRed hack out there! I'll probably test this out when you've got a release up. By the way, are you using Christos' hack as the base rom, copy --> paste'ing maps to your own "clean" rom or possibly creating everything from scratch by your own ways?
    I use a clean ROM and create everything from scratch. I took some tiles and sprites but well, I credit him anyway so I guess that's ok.


    Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
    Awesome idea with the egg shop, will u be adding 4th/5th gen pokemon?
    Thanks! Some 4th gen Pokémon are planned, not sure about 5th gen. To be honest I never played any game which got released after Emerald therefore I have no idea what to insert when it comes to newer content. But I have something else in my mind, probably something like altered forms of original Pokémon. Remember the crystal Onix from the anime? Something like this will appear in Soala Adventures but well, more about this in future updates. :)